Illinois State University Apartments

With around 18,000 undergraduate students, Illinois State University is the center of education in Bloomington-Normal IL and the State. Many are housed in Illinois State University apartments. These apartments provide them with the basic necessities of shelter and security while giving students an environment that is conducive to learning.


When in search of Illinois State University apartments, let SAMI help you. Since 1989, we have been providing students with quality lodging by knowing what they need. Today, we have around 1000 Illinois State University apartments that we rent out and manage. SAMI is dedicated to continuing the tradition of providing quality apartments to hard-working students.


Why Get Your Own Illinois State University Apartment?


Because most students end up in apartments in their sophomore or junior years, they would have had enough time to meet people that they can actually stand to live with. Illinois State University apartments are available to those who want to experience a more independent style of living far from the benefits that are provided in residential halls and dormitories.


At your own Illinois State University apartment, you control every aspect of your living situation. Energy consumption, food preparation, and budget management all come into play when you decide to rent your own Illinois State University apartment. Having a roommate also teaches you the social dynamics of having a housemate who is not a relative.


Top Illinois State University Apartments


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