Coronavirus Information Center

SAMI has adopted the following policy and procedural changes as we all deal with the Coronavirus Pandemic. We will keep this page up to date as things progress.

Office Interaction

The SAMI office is open.  for the time being, we ask that if you come into the office, please wear a mask.  If you don't have a mask with you, then you can pull into the parking lot in front of our office, call us at 309-888-4600 and we will come out and help you!


Maintenance Requests

The best way to submit a maintenance request is always through your Tenant Portal! If you have an emergency after hours, you can call 309-888-4600 and wait for the menu to choose after-hours emergency maintenance.


Lounge Leasing/Online Tours

For those wanting to try our Lounge Leasing online showings and signings, please check out Lounge Leasing, use the SAMI Chat Tool, or simply email  We will be offering additional options soon to enhance your online tour experience.


In-Person Tours

We are now offering In-Person Toursl.  You can book an appointment on this website and we will contact you to gather more details.


General Questions/Inquiries

For all other questions or request, you can still call our main office line at 309-888-4600, start a chat session using the SAMI Chat Tool at the bottom right corner of the screen, or send an email to and a member of our staff will be there to help!


Leasing Procedures

We are now offering In-Person Tours again!  You can schedule an appointment for an In-Person Tour from any of our property pages. In addition, our Lounge Leasing program makes the entire process online for you! Here’s how to participate in Lounge Leasing:


  1. Check out our available units here.

  2. Schedule your showing by one of the following methods:

    1. Using the "Schedule Live Video or In-Person Tour" link found on each property page, which will allow you to pick your date and time.

    2. Or, email your preferred units and selections to!

    3. Or, just use the SAMI Chat tool always available and accessible on our website down in the bottom right corner.  We are even monitoring for chat requests after hours so that we can help you.  Of course we do sleep, so we will be offline at some point each night!

  3. We’ll do the rest! Our agents take you on an online tour of each apartment you’re interested in. This can be done via a combination of text, chat, email, FaceTime, Zoom, etc! We’ll show you videos and photos of the exact unit you’d be renting.

  4. Love it and ready to sign? We can do that online too! We can email all documents to you so you can complete everything electronically and email back.

  5. We’ll see you next year!


Worried about ISU shutdowns for next year? We get it. We offer a Lease Relief option to new leases should you request it. This provides assurances to our tenants that if the school must shut down for more than 2 weeks (without offering online classes), they will receive an overall rent reduction that corresponds to the number of days the school is closed.

  • This applies to new signed leases for the 20-21 school year and beyond.
  • The program will kick in after a 2-week shutdown (without switching to online classes).
  • Each day of the shut down after an initial 2 week period, and where the University hasn't switched to online classes, the tenant will receive a day's rent reduction for each day the school is closed.
  • Any rent promotion (i.e. $500 Visa Cash Payment) that was given to the tenant as a condition of signing a lease will be credited toward the rent reduction first.
  • Any calculated rent reduction will come off the "end of the lease", meaning that any reduction not covered by the Visa promo will be subtracted from the last rent payment first, and work backward from there.
  • The program will only apply to tenants who vacate their apartment and turn their keys in for the term of the shutdown (belongings may stay). Tenants that choose to continue living in the apartment during the shut down will not be eligible for Lease Relief.


Payment Policy

To assist with health concerns from COVID-19,  prevent theft, check fraud, and make life safer for our tenants, we have moved to online-only payments as of April 1st. Here's how to set up your account for online payments!


Log in to your Tenant Portal You can find your portal access by hovering over the Residents link at the top of our page. Log in to access your account. If you run into any trouble, call our office at 309-888-4600.
Access the Payment Menu On the left-hand menu of your portal, click on "My Payments" to release the drop-down menu.
Choose Your Payment Option From that drop down menu, choose from "Recurring Payments", "One-Time Payments",  access your payment accounts, or view any scheduled payments you may have.
Make a Recurring Payment

Recurring monthly payments via Bank Account: $0 fees. 

Recurring monthly payments via Credit Card:  $17 fee each month.

Be sure to create both a start and end date for your payments.

Make a One Time Payment

Payment via Bank Account:  $5 fee each time

Payment via Credit Card:  $17 fee each time

Payment via Cash:  $3.75 fee each time

General FAQs

Have Questions? See Below for our Most Asked Questions and Answers.


Do I need to leave my apartment if ISU tells dorm residents to go home?

Apartments managed by SAMI do not fall under "University-operated housing" or "University-owned apartments" as outlined in the statement. Therefore, our units will remain open, and will continue on as usual.



What if ISU switches to all online in the Fall?

Our apartments are equipped with fiber-based broadband internet to give you the best connection when you need it most.  In addition, our remaining 4BR apartments available for 20-21 will be offered as 2BR/2 Study units! This means that each resident will have not only a private bedroom, but also a private “online classroom space” in the event that ISU is forced to periodically switch from in-class learning to online next year.



I’m concerned about "Social Distancing"?

Rather than building all 4BR apartments over the last 25 years, we have focused on mostly 1BR and 2BR construction -- of our 1,000 apartments, 500 are 1BR and 300 are 2BR (over half have 2 bathrooms or private vanities in each bedroom).  Most of our apartments offer individual entrances directly from outside, helping to avoid common hallways. This gives you “social distancing” control over your personal living space. You can also rest assured that no pipes or air vents in your unit connect with any neighboring units.

Local Resources

Local businesses in Normal are still open to serve you food via delivery and carry-out! We've compiled a list of some of the restaurants, with their hours and how to order. We will continue to update the list as we learn more!

  • Fusion Brew: Carry-out only for now.

    • Open Monday-Saturday 7am-6pm, Sunday 12:30pm-6pm

    • Call ahead to order: 309-454-9300

  • DP Dough: Carry-out and Delivery

    • Open Sunday - Wednesday 11am - 2am, Thursday-Saturday 11am-3am

    • Call ahead to order: 309-888-ZONE

  • Windy City Weiners: Carry-out and Delivery

    • Open Sunday-Tuesday 10:30am-10pm, Wednesday-Thursday 10:30am-2am, Friday-Saturday 10:30am-3am

    • Order online at

  • The Spot: Curbside Pickup and Delivery

    • Open Monday-Saturday 7am-5pm

    • Call ahead to order: 309-585-4160, or text: 815-681-0364

  • Sugar Mama Bakery: Carry-out

    • Open Monday-Saturday 7am-7pm

    • Call ahead to order: 309-473-8231

  • Medici: Carryout, Delivery under $50 via Grubhub, delivery over $50 through Medici

    • Open: Sunday-Saturday 11am-8pm

    • Call ahead to order: 309-452-6334 or use your GrubHub account

  • Destihl: Curbside Service or Delivery through DoorDash

    • Open Sunday-Saturday 11am-8pm

    • Call ahead to order: 309-862-2337 or order through your DoorDash account

  • Emack & Bolio’s: Curbside Service

    • Open: Sunday-Saturday 11am-12am

    • Call ahead to order: 309-454-9375

  • Avanti’s: Curbside Service, Carry-out and Delivery

    • Open: Sunday-Thursday 10:30am-8pm, Friday-Saturday 10:30am-9pm

    • Order online at


If the University shut down left you without a job,  a number of local businesses are currently hiring for temporary help! 

  • Aldi’s
  • Domino's
  • DoorDash
  • Evergreen Place of Normal
  • Evergreen Village of Normal
  • Green Tree Pharmacy
  • Heritage Health
  • Jewel-Osco
  • Meijer
  • Sam's Club
  • Schnucks
  • Thornton's
  • Walmart
  • Amazon (work from home)
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