What to Expect from SAMI during this Time

What to Expect from SAMI

  • Lounge Leasing: We will move toward our "Lounge Leasing" approach in order to help our customers rent their 2020/2021 apartments from their couch, whether that's in your current apartment or home outside of Normal. This process will involve online video tours, virtual tours, and specific photo tours of the exact apartment by our agents who will work with customers over the internet. We will provide a full online document package that will allow the customer to rent their apartment completely online.
  • All Online Payments: Due to mail fraud and theft, dropbox theft, and COVID-19, all payments to SAMI will now be required to be online. We have designed the payment system so that customers have a no-fee option to make their reoccurring payments.
  • Lease Relief Program: We are adding an addendum to our new leases that provide assurances to our tenants that if the school has to shut down for more than 2 weeks (without switching to online classes), they will receive an overall rent reduction that corresponds to the number of days the school is closed. This should give our customers the peace of mind to go ahead and secure housing for next year.




So what are the details of the Lease Relief Program?



  • It will be an addendum attached to new signed leases for the 20-21 school year and beyond.
  • The program will kick in after a 2-week shutdown (without switching to online classes).
  • Each day of the shut down after an initial 2 week period, and where the University hasn't switched to online classes, the tenant will receive a day's rent reduction for each day the school is closed.
  • Any rent promotion (i.e. $500 Visa Cash Payment) that was given to the tenant as a condition of signing a lease will be credited toward the rent reduction first.
  • Any calculated rent reduction will come off the "end of the lease", meaning that any reduction not covered by the Visa promo will be subtracted from the last rent payment first, and work backward from there.
  • The program will only apply to tenants who vacate their apartment and turn their keys (belongings may stay) in for the term of the shutdown. Tenants that choose to continue living in the apartment during the shut down will not be eligible for Lease Relief.



Okay, so what are you doing with your units during this time?



  • All remaining 4BR apartments that we have available for 20-21 will be offered as 2BR/2STUDY units. This means that each resident will have not only a private bedroom, but also a private "online classroom space" in the event that ISU is forced to periodically switch from "in-class" learning to online.
  • Our apartments are equipped with fiber-based broadband internet to give you the best connection when you need it most.
  • Rather than building all 4BR apartments over the last 25 years, we have focused on 1BR and 2BR construction -- of our 1,000 units, 500 are 1BR, and 300 are 2BR. Most units offer individual entrances directly from outside, helping to avoid common hallways. This gives you "social distancing" control over your personal living space. You can also rest assured that no pipes or air vents in your unit connect with any neighboring units.
  • SAMI will continue to follow all CDC guidelines and instructions from the public health organizations to help keep both our tenants and employees safe and healthy.