Move -In Checklist

With August right around the corner and the new semester with it, it’s time to start planning for your move in! Whether this is your first time moving or you’re simply switching apartments, there’s a lot to do! To help make sure everything gets done, we’ve put together a move-in checklist.


  • Pick Up Keys

First things first, you’ll need the keys to your new apartment! Once your keys are ready and move-in time has begun, come by our office during our business hours and we’ll have them at the front for you! We’ll also have a few other things in store for you…



  • Get your Parking Sticker(s)

 When you come to pick up your keys, your parking sticker should also be ready to go! If for some reason they’re unavailable, you’ll be able to pick them up the first week of August. Make sure you apply your sticker immediately -- parking enforcement begins the first week of classes!



  • Confirm Your Payment Schedule

At the same time as your keys and parking sticker, you should get a reminder of the monthly payment schedule you agreed to when signing your lease. If not, ask! We want to make sure everything is clear for you. Once you have your schedule, make sure to write it down or add it to your calendar so you don’t miss a payment! Or to make it easier, here’s how to sign up for recurring payments online.



  • Learn How Your Utility Bills Work

While you’re still in office, ask our agents to go over your utility bills with you. We offer included utilities in your rent! However, there is a cap, and you’ll be responsible for any overages. Make sure you know where that cap is set, and how you can stay on top of it!



  • Get Familiar with Your Tenant Portal

While we’re on the topic, make sure you have access to and understand your Tenant Portal! This is where you’ll make all your payments, schedule any maintenance work or apartment issues, and keep track of all things SAMI!



  • Consider Getting Rental Insurance

As with most apartments, you will be held responsible for the safety of your belongings! To make sure everything is covered, we suggest speaking to your insurance agent about getting renters insurance. For a low fee, you can make sure your personal items are safe from any accidents!


  • Schedule Your Move-In Inspection

A move-in inspection is your chance to make note of any damages you don’t want to be held responsible for, or to point out things needing repaired/replaced in your apartment! Once you get your keys, spend a few days making sure everything is as it should be in your apartment. Then give us a call to schedule your move-in inspection -- we’ll send maintenance out to go over everything with you, and make sure any changes are made that need to be!



  • Pay Your First Month’s Rent

Now that you’re settled in, make sure you don’t forget to pay your first month’s rent or set up your

auto-scheduled payments! You can handle all of that here.



We hope you love your new apartment, and know that we’re so glad to welcome you to the SAMI family! Have questions? Our team is always happy to help -- just give us a call at (309) 888-4600.