Move Out Checklist

With summer coming to an end, some of your leases will be ending, too! Official summer move out is by 5pm on Friday, July 22nd, and we want to make sure you feel ready! Moving out of your apartment can feel overwhelming, but we’ve put together an easy-to-follow checklist so you can be prepared! 


  • Doublecheck your lease. While most summer move outs are scheduled for July 22nd, you can make sure you have the correct move out date by checking your lease! It will give you all the information you need on when you need to vacate the unit and when your final payments are due. 

  • Pack all your stuff. Make sure you have all your belongings packed and out of your apartment before returning your keys! While it’s possible our staff will find and hold onto items left behind, we cannot guarantee any items left behind in apartments. 

  • Pick up your empty apartment. Making sure your apartment is cleaned up is the best way to avoid any fees! Wipe down any counters, vacuum, and remove any trash that may still be in your unit. If extra cleaning is needed by our staff, a $30/hour fee could be charged. 

  • Make sure all the original furniture is in place. Make sure that if you removed or broke down any furniture from your apartment that it is put back together and back in the apartment! If our staff needs to reassemble or replace any furniture, you could be charged additional fees. 

  • Leave behind any bedroom keys. If you have a key to your bedroom door, make sure you leave it in the bedroom doorknob when you leave.  

  • Empty and close the fridge. Make sure you’ve removed all your food from the refrigerator, and leave it plugged in and closed on your way out. 

  • Return your keys. Make sure the last person to move out brings all the front door and mail keys to the office at once. Our staff will be on hand to collect them all in an envelope marked with your apartment address and unit number.  

  • Cancel your AutoPay. Once your final payment has been made (per your lease), make sure you cancel your autopayments to avoid additional drafts! You can do this by logging into your Tenant Portal and navigating to “My Payments”. Click on “View Scheduled Payments” and ensure that the end date of your payments is correct. Note: Do NOT remove the bank account on file, as that’s how any applicable deposit refunds will be made. Just cancel the automatic payments. 

And that’s it! You’re all moved out. Thank you for choosing SAMI for your home away from home!