Payment Change for ALL 20-21 Tenants

Beginning April 1st, 2020, all tenants with a 20-21 lease at SAMI will need to make all rent payments through their Tenant Portal at This change might raise a few questions, so we’re here to help! 


What does this mean for me?

If you’re a 19-20 tenant only, absolutely nothing. You can pay your final payments however you previously have.

If you’re a 20-21 tenant (new or renewed), it means that you’ll need to set up all future payments through your tenant portal as soon as possible. Payments will not be accepted outside of the Portal after April 1st.



Why the change?

At SAMI, we’re always evaluating our processes and working to streamline things for you as busy students. Online payments are convenient - no hassling with paper checks, or driving to the leasing office. You can pay from your phone or computer, and never leave the comfort of your home!

Online payments are secure - by paying through the Tenant Portal, you never have to worry about a lost check, or a random transaction. You’ll be able to monitor all payments and records to make sure everything looks correct.

Online payments are transparent. You’ll be able to see all of your payments, past and present, upcoming due dates, and more. Never worry again about if you forgot a rent payment!


How can I pay my rent online?

The same way as you would in the office or did previously. You can make one time payments, schedule recurring payments, use a checking account, credit card, or even cash. The Portal just makes it easier for everyone to keep track!


How do I set up my payments through the Portal?

We’re glad you asked! To start, go ahead and log into your Tenant Portal. If you have any questions about how to log in, call us at 888-4600 and we’re happy to help!


This is the page you’ll find yourself on once you’ve logged in:


This area will also show you your account’s general standing -- upcoming due dates, current balance, anything outstanding, etc.:


From here, head over to the left hand column menu and select “My Payments”. This will offer a drop down of additional options: Make a One Time Payment, Schedule a Recurring Payment, or simply view Already Scheduled Payments.



This is where you’ll begin to set up all online payments. From here, you have a few options.

Our #1 recommended option is to set up Recurring Payments. This is the only way to choose a no-fee option for paying. If you set up a recurring payment with a checking account, your payments will be free of processing fees. Here’s how:



You will also have the option of setting up recurring payments with a credit card. With this option, there will be a $17 processing fee each month. With all recurring payments, it is your responsibility to set your start and end date for payments.


Your other options will be found under Make a One-Time Payment. Each of these options will have varying processing fees that will be incurred with each payment.

  1. Payment via Bank Account: there will be a $5 convenience fee each time you make a payment.

  2. Payment via Credit Card: there will be a $17 processing fee every time you make a payment.

  3. Payment via Cash: this will be scheduled through the portal, and each payment will have a $3.75 convenience fee.


As always, give us a call with any questions! Our staff is always happy to help!