The Best Indoor Plants for Apartments

In apartment living, plants are the new pets! Not only do they add some coloring to your space, but they can also help build routines, detoxify the air in your apartment, and even use feng shui to add positive energy to your apartment! If you’re ready to step into plant parenthood, make sure you consider what plants are best for your space – to help, we’ve got the best indoor plants for apartment living! 


Pothos Plants 


You’ll typically find pothos plants inside hanging planters, or draping over shelves! These plants are great for decorating higher spaces, and can survive many light conditions. (Although, make sure they always have some light!) These guys are easy to take care of, and have purifying qualities that can absorb toxins like formaldehyde from household furniture and rugs! 


Snake Plants 


Snake plants have become very popular lately, and can be a great aesthetic touch to your apartment! These are a great beginner plant, considering they’re one of the most tolerant plants and can handle several weeks of poor care before dying. They thrive in low light conditions and only need small amounts of water to survive. These also purify toxins from your air, specifically formaldehyde and benzene, so you can breathe easy! 





By now, most everyone is well acquainted with the popular succulent! They come in many shapes, styles, and sizes, meaning you can find one to fit any aesthetic you may have! These are impossibly easy to take care of, and only need a small amount of sunlight. Even better? You only have to remember to water them once every other month! Have some fun with these, and try planting them in a terrarium for extra personality. 





A small bamboo plant is one of those plants that seems to look good anywhere, and in any kind of pot! It only needs water and shade to survive, making it a pretty no-fuss plant to maintain. Even better, it's said to create a positive living environment wherever it's placed with feng shui!


With any of these easy to take care of plants, you'll love adding a little bit of life and some fresh air to your apartment!