Utilities Included...What Does That Mean for You?

If you’re beginning the search for a new apartment, you’re probably reading through a lot of listings! And you’ve probably run into the phrase “utilities included” a few times, especially if you’re looking at SAMI apartments! Obviously, seeing utilities included sounds great, but what does it mean for you?


At SAMI, when we offer “utilities included” it means that your electric, water, and refuse are all included in your rent total listed, and SAMI will pay those utility bills for you. This is for your convenience, so you only have to worry about the 1 bill a month!


However, while we handle this process for you, it does not mean that you have unlimited utilities. The utilities included in your rent are considered an allowance, and that allowance is based off the average energy consumption of a tenant in the selected unit. If a utility bill ends up exceeding the allowance covered in your rent, you’ll receive an additional bill to cover the additional energy usage.


But don’t worry! Staying in your monthly allowance is completely doable -- here are a few ways you can stay on top of that usage!


  • Check in with us! We’re always happy to let you know your monthly allowance, and if your usage is in good standing. Feel free to check in each month to get a feel for your averages and make sure there are no surprises!

  • Make sure you turn things off when not in use. This may be a no-brainer, but just make sure you turn lights and TVs off when you leave the room, and turn your heat or AC down when you’re going to be gone for the day!

  • Do large loads of laundry and try air drying your clothes! If you have laundry in-unit, make sure you’re doing one large load instead of multiple small ones -- and use cooler settings on the washing machine! Air drying your clothes instead of tossing them in the dryer can also help with electricity usage...and it’s better for your clothes!

  • Pay attention to your apartment. Something like an unnoticed leaky faucet can drive water usage up fast -- make sure to log any maintenance requests as soon as you find them! We’ll work to get it fixed..fast!

  • Watch that thermostat. Could you add a sweater instead of turning up the heat? What about pouring yourself a glass of ice water instead of blasting the AC? Small changes like this can make a big impact!

  • If you are running the AC, make sure all your doors and windows are closed to make sure the systems are running efficiently and not doing double-duty!


We love being able to offer “utilities included” as a convenience for all our tenants. If you have any concerns or questions, we’re always here to help!