Setting Up Your Internet

Contacting ConnectivityU

ConnectivityU Internet Support


Phone: (309) 451-4200


Support Hours – M-F 9 AM to 8 PM, Sat-Sun Noon to 5 PM


Standard Units

Wired Internet Setup


Windows and MAC OS X



If your device does not have an Ethernet port you will need to use a wireless router (not a modem) to connect to your wired Ethernet jack. Please refer to the setup instructions that came with the router to get connected, then refer back here at step 4.


**For connecting Wireless Routers, Game Consoles, and Additional Devices please visit our webpage Instruction pages will be listed under the Tech Support heading.


1. Locate your Ethernet Wall Jacks in the apartment. They will look like a phone jack but are bigger and rectangular.


2. Plug your computer directly into the Ethernet wall jack with a CAT5 or CAT6 Ethernet Cable. Make sure you are Not using a regular phone cable.


3. Make sure your computer has wireless Turned OFF.


4. Once connected, open up a browser, i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari.


5. Type in the address and you will be redirected to our Registration Page.


6. Make sure to read and agree to the Acceptable Use Policy, and fill in your local information on the form.


7. Click “Submit” and Please Read the following page for further information.


8. If you cannot get the registration page please make sure you are Not going to a webpage that starts with HTTPS://, and do Not have an IP address set.

Lofts North End

SAMI WiFi Enabled Building


In your new unit we have an in-wall dual band wireless solution. The wireless network name will be SAMI <your address> with a password of samiapts.


In your living room area below the TV is a wall box. This is the wireless and wired hub. Your TV connects wirelessly to it. We have already pre-registered and connected your TV to the Internet network.



This device also gives you the ability to plug directly into the Internet via an Ethernet cable Those ports are located on the bottom of the device.


You can choose to plug in your game console, other streaming devices, or your computer. You may need to register the additional devices. You can do so by going to or by following the instructions listed on our web page