Move-In / Move-Out Center

Here you will find the policies, procedures and resources necessary to make your move-in or move-out go smoothly.

SAMI Move Out Instructions

Move Out Day

5PM on last day of your lease (appears in your move out email)
Apartment Keys SAMI representatives will be working outside our office so that you can drop off your keys without getting out of your vehicle.  On a special key envelope, we will identify your apartment, the date, and the number of keys being turned in.  You will then drop them in the envelope and you will be on your way!  Please have the last person to leave return all apartment and mail keys at the same time so that we get them all in the same envelope.
Bedroom Keys You must leave the key to the door in the bedroom door knob or you will be charged for the removal and rekey.
Refrigerator Leave the refrigerator plugged in and door closed.
Beds & Furniture Please remember to return and assemble any furniture removed from the apartment.  You will be charged for any replacement or assembly.
Painting If you painted any walls in your apartment and we have to paint it back to the correct color there will be a minimum charge of $300.
Cleaning Make sure your apartment is clean.  This includes cleaning each room, appliances, trash removed, vacuuming, etc.  If extra cleaning is needed, the rate is $30 per hour plus supply cost.
Moving SAMI to SAMI

Please read below and then email your notification by clicking HERE. (List the address you are moving from and to in the email).


If you are moving from one SAMI location to another SAMI location, you will be required to waive cleaning on your future apartment and acknowledge that waiver via email (see Moving In Early).


You will be allowed to stay in your current apartment until your future apartment keys are ready to be picked up.


We recommend you call our office Friday, July 23rd, and continue to call Saturday, July 24th until your keys are ready to pick up.


It is your responsibility to continue to contact us regarding your future apartment being ready.  You must be packed and ready to move.


Once the keys to your new apartment are ready, it is your responsibility to pick up the keys and move.  You will need to move within 2-3 hours of your future apartment being ready.


Due to circumstances beyond our control, the early move-in date may not be available.  Tenants understand that early move-in is a privilege and not a guarantee.

Moving In Early

Please read below and then complete the Early Move In Form by clicking HERE .


We will do our best to get you into your new apartment before the lease begin date.  If there is currently another tenant graduating or moving into another SAMI apartment, this may delay your move.


Here is what you are agreeing to:


I wish to move in to my future apartment before the date specified on my lease.  By sending the notification I am including my joint roommates in the request to move in early.


My roommates and I understand that before we can move in we must be current with all rent payments through June.  We understand that keys will not be distributed until all rents due are paid.


My roommates and I understand that SAMI will not be able to properly prepare the apartment prior to my move in.  We will remain patient as SAMI completes required maintenance over the summer.


My roommates and I understand the SAMI WILL NOT CLEAN the apartment as we will be living there and our belongings will be on the premises.  We also understand that we will be required to clean the apartment before we move out.


My roommates and I understand that SAMI will shampoo the carpet and touch up and/or paint the walls of our apartment over the summer while we are living there.


My roommates and I understand that SAMI has subcontractors working in the apartment over the summer that they have no direct supervision over, and that loss or damage to our property may result.  We don't hold SAMI liable for any loss or damage.


This agreement only becomes valid after all payments have been made.

Picking Up Keys

Please read the information below, and then click HERE to send SAMI an acknowledgement that you have read the information and are picking up your keys today.


Welcome Brochure

I have been given a welcome brochure and I understand it is my responsibility to read it.  If I am picking up keys for a roommate, I understand it is my responsibility to make sure my roommates read the brochure as well.


Vacant Bedrooms

I understand that if SAMI is/was responsible for placing roommates with me I cannot use the vacant bedroom(s).  If SAMI finds that I am using the vacant bedroom I understand I will be charged a fee (an additional cleaning fee if necessary).


Move-In Inspection

I understand it is my roommates and my responsibility to schedule a move-in inspection within 1-3 weeks of picking up my keys.  If I do not schedule this inspection within 1-3 weeks after picking up the key I understand I will be responsible for any prior damage in the apartment.


Parking Stickers

I understand that I must have a current SAMI parking sticker to park in my lot.


Simple Bills

I understand that I am responsible for setting up my Simple Bills account ahead of moving in.