Picking Up Keys

Please read the information below, and then click HERE to send SAMI an acknowledgement that you have read the information and are picking up your keys today.


Welcome Brochure

I have been given a welcome brochure and I understand it is my responsibility to read it.  If I am picking up keys for a roommate, I understand it is my responsibility to make sure my roommates read the brochure as well.


Vacant Bedrooms

I understand that if SAMI is/was responsible for placing roommates with me I cannot use the vacant bedroom(s).  If SAMI finds that I am using the vacant bedroom I understand I will be charged a fee (an additional cleaning fee if necessary).


Move-In Inspection

I understand it is my roommates and my responsibility to schedule a move-in inspection within 1-3 weeks of picking up my keys.  If I do not schedule this inspection within 1-3 weeks after picking up the key I understand I will be responsible for any prior damage in the apartment.


Parking Stickers

I understand that I must have a current SAMI parking sticker to park in my lot.