Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a tour?

You can schedule a tour from our home page, or under an individual listing by clicking the “Schedule Tour” button. Our tours are scheduled in half-hour increments, and we can take you to up to 2 locations during this 30 minute period. We now offer several ways to tour a property, as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. View our Lounge Leasing page to see how you can schedule a tour via Zoom Live Video 

Do you allow pets?

We understand that pets are family, too! We do allow pets at select locations, which you can find designated with a paw print on our website. With these units, there is a non-refundable pet fee of $350 specified in the lease. We only allow cats and dogs up to 50lbs. 


*You will be responsible for the clean up of the grounds after your pet, or you will incur a fee. Any damages to the apartment as a result of your pet will be charged to you.  

What about ESAs?

We will work with you in the case of an ESA, as long as you provide the proper legal/medical documentation.

What do I need to sign a lease?

We’re excited to have you join the SAMI family! To sign a lease, please come prepared with the following: 

  • A valid driver’s license 

  • Your student ID 

  • The application service fee of $75

  • The security deposit designated by your lease 

How much is the Security Deposit?

Your security deposit will be outlined in your lease, but is defined as follows: 

  • 1BR: $300 total

  • 2BR: $300 total, or $150/person

  • 3BR: $300 total, or $100/person

  • 4BR: $300 total, or $100/person, whichever is more 

Are utilities included in the rent?

We do provide an allowance for the utilities identified in your lease (electric, sewage, internet, etc). That is included in your monthly rent payment. If you go over the allowance provided, you will need to make up the balance. These overages will be monitored throughout the year.

Do I need renter’s insurance?

While not required, we do highly recommend that each tenant have renters’ insurance to cover for damage to the property caused by the renter, and for loss of renter’s property in the case of theft, etc. You may want to discuss this with your parents/guardians to see if you can get a rider on their policy to cover your belongings while in your apartment.

Is there laundry in the apartment or on site?

Some of our apartments offer in-unit washers and dryers, while others have shared laundry in the building. This will be defined on the listing or during your tour!

Do I need to have a roommate already lined up?

You can come in with your planned roommates if you have them, or we can set you up with roommate matching! Our staff will pair you with other individuals in the instance that you don’t have enough roommates.

Would I sign an individual lease, or will it be a joint lease with my roommates?

We offer both Individual and Joint leases. Your agent will take the time to discuss your needs with you to find the best fit!

I only want to sign for two semesters...does that cost extra?

We can offer two semester leases, but there is typically a small premium associate with any lease that is less than the full 3 semester period. There may be times when that policy won't apply -- your leasing agent will be able to assist you with this!