2 Bed/2 Study Options Now Available!

As word comes out about what the Fall semester will look like, you might find your housing search changing along with it! Should you avoid roommates? What if classes move to all online? Are there any apartments still available? For all these questions and more, SAMI has you covered! 


Due to the obvious increased interest in social distancing, both our 1 and 2 bedroom units have been fully rented for the 20-21 school year. But that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck! To continue offering housing options for ISU students, including those moved out of the dorms, we are now offering our 4 bedroom units as 2 bedrooms, with two extra rooms for studying! 



With some classes moving online, and others requiring plenty of out-of–class work, you and your roommate will appreciate having the better space to study! And you’re sure to love having a separate room to relax and one to work, making life just a little bit easier! 


Be sure to contact our office ASAP – we'd love to find you the perfect housing option at your right price point!