Graduating from the Dorms? Here's Why You'll Love Apartment Living

Ready to graduate from living in the dorms? Whether you didn’t snag the assignment this semester or are just ready for some extra space, you’ve probably found yourself in the market for a new home! If you’re gearing up for the change, here are a few things you’re going to love about apartment living!



Cost Effective.

 You might be surprised to find out that living in an apartment can actually be cheaper than living in a dorm! Prices will vary by number of bedrooms, but if you room with a few of your closest friends, you can really cut costs!


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More Privacy.

It’s no surprise that dorms offer little to no privacy -- with shared bedrooms and bathrooms, RAs, and busy hallways, it’s hard to find some space to yourself! 


In an apartment, you decide how much to share. With individual bedrooms, limited numbers of units and neighbors, and choices from 1 bedrooms up to 4, you can enjoy having your own space when you need it!


Less Rules.

Forget stuffy RA’s, enforced quiet hours, and restricted visitors -- with an apartment, you can make the rules! While you will of course need to be mindful of neighbors and obey city laws, apartments offer so much more freedom than you had in the dorms!


Cheaper Food Choices.

In the dorms, you have limited access to kitchen use and ability to make your own food. Instead, you’re stuck with the costs of food plans, dining halls, and nearby restaurants.


When renting your own apartment, you’ll enjoy a full kitchen with up to date appliances! You’ll watch your savings skyrocket when you’re able to buy your own groceries to cook in your very own kitchen.  


More Space.

This is usually the biggest benefit for college students leaving the dorms for greener pastures! 


Sharing a bedroom with a roommate and trying to make your own space in a dorm can seem impossible. In an apartment, you’ll have an entire home to make your own!  With living areas, private bathrooms, and your own bedroom, you’ll be able to customize every inch of your new home to suit you.


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