How To: Opting Out of SAMI's Renters Insurance Policy

While SAMI requires that every tenant signing a lease obtains renters insurance, you don't have to use our in-house coverage! You may already have your own coverage with another company, or it may be easier for you to be added as a rider to your parent/guardian's coverage. 


In this case, you will just need to provide SAMI with proof of this coverage. Here's how to do that:


1. Head to to get started.


2. Input SAMI's zipcode (61761) and click "Select Community".



3. Select the SAMI Community.




4. Click the "Choose This Option" button in the "Register Other Insurance" box.




5. Input the information from your insurance. This information must include the carrier name, policy start and end date, and your coverage.


IMPORTANTYOU MUST HAVE SAMI LISTED AS THE ADDITIONAL INTEREST ON YOUR POLICY. You will need to list it with your insurance company as such:


P.O. Box 112475

Carrollton, TX 75011




6. Do not forget to attach your Insurance Declarations Page(s) in the boxes shown above.


7. After inputting your Third Party Insurance Information, scroll down to input your Resident Information. Then, click the "Continue" Button.




8. Read and Accept the Third Party Insurance terms.




9. Click "Accept & Continue" to complete the process! If there are any questions about your third party insurance, we'll reach out to you directly!


You can download the official AssetProtect Opt Out Flyer here



PLEASE NOTE: Failure to obtain this insurance, or letting it lapse, puts you in breach of your lease agreement. SAMI may then purchase the required insurance on your behalf, and you will be responsible for reimbursement of all costs and expenses.