Maintenance Monday: Flipping the Breaker to Turn the Power Back On

Welcome back to Maintenance Monday, where our maintenance team is here to break down all the things you need to tackle those pesky apartment fixes. Today, we're talking about a common issue that can leave you in the dark—literally: restoring power in the kitchen (or any room in your apartment) by flipping the breaker.


If you feel comfortable and capable, here's a quick tutorial!



Step 1: Locate Your Breaker Box

When you find yourself in the dark or notice that the outlets in a certain room aren't working, the first step is to locate your breaker box. This box is mounted on a wall, sometimes inside a closet, and can be identified by its greyish color and metal exterior. This box contains a series of switches called circuit breakers that control the flow of electricity to different parts of your apartment.


Step 2: Identify the Affected Circuit

Once you've found the breaker box, it's time to pinpoint the switch that controls the area experiencing the power outage. In this case, we're focusing on the kitchen, but remember, this process applies to any room in your apartment. Scan the list of labels on the inside of the door of the breaker box for one labelled "Kitchen" or any other relevant area. Take note of the number or label associated with the kitchen circuit breaker.


Step 3: Flip the Breaker

With the kitchen breaker number identified, it's time to take action. Locate the switch corresponding to the kitchen number and flip it to the "Off" position. You should hear a distinct click as the switch moves. Wait a few seconds to ensure the circuit is fully off.


Step 4: Restore Power

After a brief pause, it's time to bring the power back on. Flip the same kitchen switch back to the "On" position. Again, listen for the click as the switch engages. With any luck, you should hear appliances humming back to life and lights flickering on.


Step 5: Test and Confirm

Once you've restored power by flipping the breaker, it's essential to test the affected area to confirm that everything is back up and running smoothly. Check the lights, outlets, and appliances in the kitchen (or whichever room you were addressing) to ensure they're functioning as they should.


Remember: Your Safety Always Comes First

While flipping the breaker is a relatively simple task, it's essential to prioritize safety. If you're unsure about which breaker controls a specific area or if you encounter any sparks, unusual sounds, or signs of damage, do not attempt to resolve the issue yourself. Instead, contact us immediately for assistance. Electrical problems count as emergency maintenance, and you should call our office to be connected to our maintenance team.


And there you have it—restoring power by flipping the breaker is a straightforward fix that can save you time and hassle when faced with electrical issues in your apartment. Stay tuned for more maintenance tips and tricks to keep your apartment running right!