Move In Checklists

We’re so excited to welcome all the new and returning Redbirds to campus for the 20-21 school year! Whether it’s your first semester with us, or you’re just unsure during all the uncertainty, we’ve put together this checklist to help make sure your move in is simple, thorough, and enjoyable! Looking forward to a great year with you! 


  • Pick up your keys. Before moving in, make sure to stop by the office for the keys to your apartment, mailbox, etc! You can swing by the office during business hours, and we’ll even bring them out to you if you prefer to not come in – just call our front office at 309.888.4600. 


  • Get your parking stickers. Stay tuned for news from our office regarding your parking stickers! These will be arriving soon, and you’ll want to be sure to apply it immediately – parking enforcement begins the first week of classes! 


  • Confirm your payment schedule. While picking up your keys and parking sticker, our staff should hand you a reminder of the monthly payment schedule you agreed to in your lease. If not, make sure to ask! Once you have your schedule, be sure to write it down or add it to your calendar so you never forget! You can find out how to schedule all your payments here


  • Introduce yourself to your Tenant Portal.  The Tenant Portal is the best way to get in contact with us regarding your account, unit, and more! This is where you’ll make all of your rent payments, schedule any maintenance work, and keep track of all things regarding your account! Make sure you’re logged in and acquainted with the site asap – if you need assistance, you can always call our office at 309.888.4600! 


  • Get signed up for SimpleBills! This is where you'll pay all of your utility bills in one easy place. You should receive an email directly from SimpleBills approximately 30-45 days before your move in date. This will take you right to their site and app where you'll register for your account!


  • Schedule your Move In Inspection. This inspection is your chance to make note of any damages in your unit that you don’t want to be held responsible for, or just to point out things that need repaired or replaced! Once you get your keys, spend the next few days making sure everything is as it should be in your apartment. Then, just give us a call to schedule your inspection – we'll send our maintenance team out to go over everything for you, and make sure any changes are made that need to be! 


  • Consider rental insurance from your current insurance agent. While not required, SAMI highly recommends getting rental insurance for your new apartment! You are responsible for the safety of your belongings, so to make sure you’re covered, we suggest chatting with your insurance agent about signing up for rental insurance. For a small fee, you can make sure your personal items are safe from any accidents! 


For an even smoother move in process, we’ve shared a few checklists below to make sure you don’t forget anything you need for a successful semester!