Recycling 101

Ready to be more environmentally conscious and start recycling? Let SAMI help! Our apartments are now equipped with recycling bins for all of our tenants...but there are a few rules that must be followed!


Did you know that recycling can actually be contaminated by non-recyclable waste? This can make the back end process harder, and sometimes leads to recyclable waste being put in the garbage anyway. To help avoid this, here are the items that should not be thrown in your recycling bins!

  • Plastic bags or plastic wrap. If you’d like to recycle these, take them back to the retailer they were brought from, or use them throughout your home!

  • “Tanglers”. This category includes things like hangers, hoses, wires, cords, ropes, or chains. Regardless of what these products are made of, they can make the recycling process difficult, so dispose of these elsewhere.

  • Clothing, textiles, or shoes. Try donating these to your nearest secondhand store instead!

  • Food, liquid, diapers, batteries or needles. This is the biggest contamination category. If food or liquid waste touches the recyclable contents, it can make it un-recyclable.

  • Unbagged shredded paper. If you need to recycle shredded paper, be sure it’s completely contained in a recyclable bag!

  • Large items. Keep large electronics, wood, propane tanks, scrap metal, or styrofoam out of the recycling bins.


You can find more information on disposing of the above items, and what items are considered recyclable over here!


We want our town to continue offering this service to all, so help us make sure it works!