Roommate Matching -- How Does It Work?

Choosing your first home outside of the dorms gives you a lot to consider! When searching for a student apartment, you’re likely looking at the proximity of the apartment to campus, what activites and restaurants are nearby, and what will fit inside your budget! As if that wasn’t enough, you might even have to consider a roommate or two!  


While for some, the roommate choice may be a no brainer, for others, like those coming in from out of town, or who don’t have set friends in the area, picking a roommate can be a lot trickier! Searching in Facebook groups can seem overwhelming and choosing someone from class is nerve-wracking. 


With SAMI, we’ll handle the roommate search for you! You just pick the apartment you love that fits in your budget, and we take care of the rest. We’ll pair you with up to three like-minded individuals, and before you know it, you have a ready made squad! 


So how does it work? 

Head to our site and start looking for your ideal apartment like normal. Set your search with your specific interests (number of bedrooms, your budget range, or if you have pets) and adjust the filters, or just browse by searching all our open apartments! 




From there, once you find an apartment that seems like a great fit for you, go ahead and schedule your viewing! You can choose a virtual Zoom tour or in-person, and one of our friendly agents will take you through the unit, help you with any questions you may have, and then get your lease ready when you decide to go for it! If you’ve chosen one that needs additional roommates, we’ll add your unit to our list of apartments that need help filling, and that’s it! We’ll send you their contact information when we find a good match (or 3)! 


If you’d prefer to check out apartments that are already partially full, head to those apartment search filters again: 



Select the “Roommate Match” icon to highlight it, then scroll through the listings that offer roommate matching spots only! We’ll work with you to find the perfect fit when you schedule your showing! 


And that’s it! We know you have a lot on your plate as a college student, so we want your apartment hunt to be as simple as possible! Check out SAMI for all your college housing needs!