Moving Out? Here's Your Checklist to Stay Organized and Prepared

With the end of the semester fast approaching, it's time to start thinking about your move-out plan, because official move out is by 5pm on Friday, May 12th. Moving out of your apartment can feel overwhelming, but we've got your back!  Here's an easy-to-follow checklist to help you handle it like a pro.


Doublecheck Your Lease

First things first, let's make sure you've got your move-out date locked in! While most are scheduled for that May 12th date, go ahead and grab your lease agreement and double-check all the details. Now you won't be caught off guard on when you need to be out of your space and when those final payments are due!


Pack It Up

Once you've got your date set, let's get packing! Round up all your things and clear it out before returning your keys. Unfortunately, our staff can't guarantee the safety of anything left behind, and you don't want to say goodbye to your fave hoodie!


Speed Clean

Before you head out, be sure to take a few minutes to tidy up to avoid any cleaning fees! Give the counters a wipe-down, vacuum up stray crumbs, and toss any leftover trash. Pro-tip: Try bribing your roomies or friends with pizza to speed up the process.

(The fine print: If extra cleaning is needed by our staff, a $30/hour fee could be charged.)


What You SHOULD Leave Behind

Let's talk furniture -- make sure all the original pieces are still in place and reassemble anything you might have taken apart during your lease. If our staff does the heavy lifting, you might be charged additional fees for their time, which is no fun!


Lock It Down

If you've got a key to your bedroom door, don't forget to leave it in the bedroom doorknob when you roll out. And don't leave any snacks in the fridge -- it needs to be empty and closed up tight before you leave!


Say Your Goodbyes

When you're ready to head out, swing by our office to drop off all your keys (front door and mail). We'll take 'em off your hands, put them back where they belong, and send you off with a smile!

*If you can't come see us during our business hours, we have a dropbox for those keys! Just make sure they're in the envelope we gave you with this form so they don't get lost. 


Move Your Money, Too!

Last but not least, make sure your finances are in order! Once your final payment is all squared away (per your lease), be sure to cancel your autopayments to avoid any surprise charges. Log into your Tenant Portal, check those payment dates, and turn off that automated draft. But don't forget to leave your bank account on file so we can send any deposit refunds you may have coming your way!

*Here's a quick how-to on cancelling those automatic payments.


And that's it, you've nailed your move out! Thank you for choosing SAMI for your home away from home -- we miss you already.