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Standard Units

Wired Internet Setup


Windows and MAC OS X



If your device does not have an Ethernet port you will need to use a wireless router (NOT a modem or modem/router combo device) or an Ethernet adaptor to connect to your wired Ethernet jack. If it is a new router, you will need to run the manufacturer's setup before you will be able to get to the internet. Plug the Ethernet cord from the wall jack into the port on your router labeled Internet or WAN. NOT the ones labeled LAN.


**For connecting Wireless Routers, Game Consoles, and Additional Devices please visit our webpage Instruction pages will be listed under the Tech Support heading.


1. Locate your Ethernet Wall Jacks in the apartment. They will look like a phone jack but are bigger and rectangular.


2. Plug your computer directly into the Ethernet wall jack with a CAT5 or CAT6 Ethernet Cable. Make sure you are NOT using a regular phone cable.


3. The jacks are online to the internet. You do not need to register.


4. Refer to the internet setup instructions for your device if you are still not connected to the internet. 





Wireless Router Tips


Windows and MAC OS X



  1. Make sure to use the 5GHz band on your router. The default frequency is 2.4GHz and is not high performance.
  2. Wireless connections are a convenience and not the best way to connect to the Internet. If your device has an Ethernet port, the best way to connect is wired into the LAN ports on your router.
  3. Make sure your router is new or only a few years old. Older routers will not give you high performance.
  4. If your device does not have an Ethernet port, consider getting an Ethernet adapter so that you can bypass the router if the router is having issues.


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