Financial Aid

Rent payments may only be deferred by providing SAMI with a "Consent for Release of Information" fully completed by the Financial Aid Office. The amount of aid available must be greater than the rent deferred. 


The only payments that can be deferred with Fall Financial Aid are the July and August payments, unless the 1st payment due is in August, in which case no deferment will be granted.


The only payments that can be deferred with Spring Financial Aid are the December and January payments.


All payments that have been deferred must be paid within 5 days from the disbursement date listed on the "Awards Notice" or "Awards Summary". 


We strictly enforce our Pet Policy at SAMI locations that are not designated as Pet Friendly. We do not allow any pets in our apartments unless they are a Pet Friendly unit, the $300 non-refundable pet deposit has been paid, and the office has been notified. The only exception we allow are fish, birds, and small reptiles that are caged or in a tank. If we find a pet in the apartment, you will be charged a $300 pet fee and possible eviction for violating your lease agreement.


If you are thinking about bringing a pet into your apartment and aren't sure if it is allowed, please call us at (309) 888-4600.

Signing a Lease

To sign a lease you must have a driver's license, state ID, or passport. Student must bring their student ID. If signing for a 2, 3, or 4 bedroom, it is recommended at least 2 of the roommates be present. Any Admin/Service Fees stated on your lease will need to be paid at time of signing.


Majority of our leases are 3 semesters in length with 12 equal payments that start before you move in and end before you move out.  We will also allow for a 2 semester lease, which will have 10 equal payments.


If you are looking for an apartment to sublease:

  • review the sublease list online, then contact the tenant to discuss the agreement and view the apartment
  • if looking at a 2, 3, or 4BR apartment, you must be a student and of the same gender as the original tenant
  • if looking at a 1BR, you can be any gender and/or a non-student (if non-student, must pay application fee of $95 and be approved to rent)
  • Once you've come to an agreement, the original tenant will submit paperwork to SAMI, then be returned to you to sign and return.
  • You must pay the move in/admin fee ($195 for 2, 3, and 4BR; $295 for 1BR) at the time of returning paperwork. You will also need to submit your driver's license and student ID.

If you are looking to sublease your apartment:

  • list your apartment on our sublease page and the ISU Facebook groups (do not post to Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist)
  • if an interested tenant reaches out, you can discuss the sublease agreement (from SAMI) and show them the apartment.
  • after the subleasee submits their application to SAMI, we will send you sublease paperwork to fill out, sign, and return.
  • You will need to pay the $300 sublease fee at the time of signing.


Internet Service

All SAMI properties have been recently updated to fiber optic internet.  This has greatly improved our connection speeds as well as the browsing capabilities.  The upgrade has improved our downloading and uploading speeds in many cases to 1gbps!


SAMI will use our broad-ops service to make announcements through your internet. SAMI also reserves the right to shut off this service we provide if rent has not been paid. 

Move In

All Lessees must be signed onto the lease and all rent due by the lease begin date must be paid prior to move in. Carpets are shampooed (in rare cases carpets may need to be shampooed after the move in date) and all surfaces cleaned before move in (does not apply to those apartments renewing or doing early move in). Apartments are painted after move in.


All keys are picked up at the SAMI office at 608 Kingsley during regular business hours.

Move Out



5 PM on the last day of ISU Finals. 



All apartment and mailbox must be returned.

*For new knobs put on bedroom doors please leave the key in the knob when leaving.*

Don't forget to fill out a change of address form with the Post Office. Remove your name from the mailbox.


Please remember to return and assemble any furniture removed from the apartment. You will be charged for any assembly or replacement.Do not shut off/unplug the refrigerator.


Clean your apartment. If we perform excessive cleaning, the rate is $30 per hour plus supply cost.

Lease Breakage Policy

We do not have a lease breakage policy. You are obligated to pay the apartment rent until a subleaser is found or the lease ends.

Renew a Lease

All apartments come up for renewal and Open Leasing begins around the first of October for the next school year. Existing tenants are given the opportunity to renew before Open Leasing begins. When renewing your current apartment lease, no additional deposits are required, your apartment is not shown for the next school year, you will not move out between leases, and SAMI will not clean or paint between leases.


Parking policy in all SAMI lots is enforced by Maurer Wrecker Servcie (309-660-6528 or 309-376-3731). Any vehicle parked in a SAMI lot without a valid sticker runs the risk of being towed. Call Maurer Wrecker Service to inquire about guest parking. Parking stickers need to be picked up by the time August classes begin.

Pest Control

All SAMI apartments are treated quarterly as part of our comprehensive pest control program. The pest control company has keys to each apartment and will be very careful when they come into your apartment to apply the treatment and all apartments are locked and secured when they leave.


Please understand that the treatments take time to become effective, if there are bugs they must come in contact with the treatment. If there is an issue and it does not cease after the treatment please contact the office and further measures will be taken.

Refuse Collection

All SAMI apartments have access to private refuse collection. The dumpsters are located on the property and are emptied at least once per week on a set schedule. Please help control the cleanliness of the property by always taking your trash to the dumpster immediately, placing the garbage in the dumpster, and then closing the lid to the dumpster. Tenants will be charged if garbage is left outside of the apartment.