Moving SAMI to SAMI

Please read below and then email your notification by clicking HERE. (List the address you are moving from and to in the email).


If you are moving from one SAMI location to another SAMI location, you will be required to waive cleaning on your future apartment and acknowledge that waiver via email (see Moving In Early).


You will be allowed to stay in your current apartment until your future apartment keys are ready to be picked up.


We recommend you call our office Friday, July 22nd, and continue to call during business hours until your keys are ready to pick up.


It is your responsibility to continue to contact us regarding your future apartment being ready.  You must be packed and ready to move.


Once the keys to your new apartment are ready, it is your responsibility to pick up the keys and move.  You will need to move within 2-3 hours of your future apartment being ready.


Due to circumstances beyond our control, the early move-in date may not be available.  Tenants understand that early move-in is a privilege and not a guarantee.