What is the Resident Utility Billing System?

In an effort to continue to serve you better, we are ending our relationship with SimpleBills.


SAMI will be processing the allocation of the utilities starting with any utility invoice that is received October 1, 2022 or later.


We are simplifying the utility payment process by posting your allocated resident utility charges directly to your SAMI Tenant Portal! Your utilities will be added to your resident ledgers just like the rent each month.


Starting in November you will just pay SAMI for your utilities along with your rent. The SimpleBills portals and payments will go away, as will their $5 per month service fee.


Please pay for any allocated utility charges on your resident ledger as you pay your monthly rent. Our goal will be to allocate utility charges to your account between the 25th and 28th of the month, so that when you go to your resident portal to pay your rent on the 1st, you will see those charges on your account.





How do I track the utility costs for my apartment?

With the Resident Utility Bill System, you will have access to all your owed and paid utility bill amounts in your Tenant Portal!

We are working on getting PDFs of the bill and usage added, but that will be at a later date. Until then, if you need to see the full bill, please contact our office!


When and how do I sign up to use the Resident Utility Bill System?

Because this is being handled directly through SAMI and your Tenant Portal, you don't need to do anything additional! Simply log in each month to pay your utilities along with your rent.


Will I need to call the utility companies to put the bills in my name?

Nope! The bills will always remain in SAMI's name so you don't need to worry about it.


How does SAMI calculate my share of the utility costs?

The Resident Utility Bill System is integrated with our property management software. They will use the start date of your lease to begin charging you for your daily utility usage. We will automatically divide each utility bill based on the number of people living in the apartment based on their lease start dates. You will not be responsible for your roommates' share of the bill.


Are there any additional fees?

If the monthly utility bill is not paid on time, there is a late fee of 10% plus an additional $2 for every day it's late.

Utility bills will be added to your account before the 1st, will be due on the 1st of the month, and will become late on the 11th of the month.



Account Walk Through

Walking Through Your Account



Now that you're settled in, here's how to navigate paying your utilities!


1. Head to your Tenant Portal and log in.




2. Once logged in, you'll find yourself in your Account Dashboard. Here you'll see any important messages, and beneath that, your account's information.



3. Your account's information in the dashboard will be a quick overview of what you've paid, and what you still owe. Go ahead and click "View Account Detail".



4. Once you click into your Account Detail, you'll see a running list of payments you owe to SAMI. This will include your rent payments, and now, what you owe for utilities. You will be able to see a full breakdown of your portion of each utility bill. 




This area will show you what you, personally, owe for each bill, along with the time frame of the bill statement.


Questions? Our staff is here to help. Give us a call at 309.888.4600!